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Townsville Auto Air Conditioning and Airconditioner Regas

Here at A-Lect Air Conditioning, we are the experts in all aspects of automotive air conditioning covering a diverse range of vehicle and heavy machinery applications.

We utilise the very latest technology and equipment to ensure your air conditioning system is always operating as efficiently and economically as possible.

Our highly experienced automotive air conditioning technicians are all approved by ARTIC to their exacting standards of quality workmanship, including using the best practices and correctly handling refrigerants. From the testing and servicing of the system through to fault diagnosis and repairs, we are the leaders in automotive air conditioning services for the Townsville area.


By using the latest dye-injected refrigerants and pressure testing equipment, our highly qualified technicians are able to quickly locate and rectify system faults.
After market air conditioning systems

Our licensed technicians are familiar with the operation and installation of a wide range of automotive air conditioning systems including their sophisticated electronic control systems. We are able to supply and install systems on virtually any vehicle or heavy machinery.


We are also experts at providing Townsville airconditioner regas services and carry all of the relevant accreditations and authorities to perform this task on passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles alike.

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